B - Richest Internet Entrepreneurs

Name:Ryan Deluca
Web Site:Bodybuilding.com

About Us:Ryan founded bodybuilding.com in 1999 when he was just 19. It's a site that manufactures and retails nutritional products and sport supliments. In 2008 the majority share of the website was bought out from Ryan for a rumoured $100 million.

Name:Chad Hurley
Web Site:YouTube
About Us:
Chad Hurley co-founded YouTube with Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, after they received bonuses from PayPal when it was bought by eBay. They used this money, plus some investments to form an office, and start Youtube. They sold the website to Google less than 2 years after it was founded, for $1.65 billion.

Name:Yoshikazu Tanaka
Web Site:Gree

About Us:Tanaka is the founder of Gree, which is Japan's largest social networking website. The site started in 2004, but has diversified recently into mobile gaming to better compete with rivals. He's not finished just yet though as he's been working on global expansion with working with Tencent, the largest Internet service portal in China.

Name:Jack Dorsey
Web Site:Twitter
About Us:
Twitter launched in July of 2006, which grew rapidly to 200 million users by 2011, generating over 200 million tweets and handling over 1.6 billion search queries per day. The idea was simple, and addictive, which is exactly why it works. Jack is who we have to thank for the extra form of social media that we have to market with.

Name:Janus Friis
Web Site:Skype, Kazaa

About Us:
Janus is probably best known for co-founding the peer-to-peer file sharing network Kazaa, and the peer-to-peer network Skype. He maintained ownership interest of Skype even after its sale to eBay in 2005 for $2.6billion, and made even more money when it was later sold to Microsoft for $8.5billion.

Name:Max Levchin
Web Site:PayPal, Slide

About Us:
Max is the third co-founder, along with Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, of PayPal. Max only owned a 3.2% which was worth $34 million at the time of the acquisition. He also founded Slide, which was a short lived social network, that was bought by Google for $182 million.

Name:Nick Swinmurn
Web Site:Zappos

About Us:
Nick founded this online shoe store when he couldn't find the pair of brown shoes he was looking for at the mall. This was back in 1999, when he founded the site and it has since grown be the largest online shoe store. The site was recently bought by Amazon in an all stock deal for $1.2 billion.

A - Richest Internet Entrepreneurs

Name:Sean Belnick
Web Site:BizChair

About Us:BizChair.com is an online retailer of office chairs and furniture, as well as restaurant, church, furniture, furniture, and medical furniture. They were one of the first online only furniture retailers when they were founded by Sean Belnick back in 2001. Their sales have risen steadily over the last five years to over $58 million in 2010. It started in a bedroom with a $500 investment and has grown into one of the largest furniture retailers on the internet.

Name:David Karp

Web Site:Tumblr

About Us:David Karp brought blogging to the younger generation with Tumblr, which is a very easy to set up blogging platform, that's available for free. The site only launched 3 years ago in 2007, but it's already surpassed the number of Wordpress blogs, with over 30 million users. It's even the blogging platform for President Obama's official blog.

Name:Pavel Durov

Web Site:V Kontakte

About Us:Pavel Durov founded V Kontakte in 2007, which is a social network in eastern Europe, which is very similar in design to Facebook, so much so, that it's been considered a clone. There are about 135 million accounts, and it currently ranks 46 in the Alexa rank. As well as many of the Facebook features, there's also a torrent file sharing system incorporated into it.

Name:Blake Ross
Web Site:Mozilla

About Us:Blake Ross is famous for his web browser, Mozilla Firefox. Blake originally started out working with AOL on the Netscape browser, but he wasn't happy with where it was being taken, so he decided to create his own. Firefox was released when Blake was 19 in 2004, and totalled 100 million downloads in just one year.

Name:Alexander Levin
Web Site:Image Shack

About Us:Alexander founded Image Shack, which is a free to use image hosting website. There are options to pay for a subscription service, but the majority of its revenue is produced from advertising related to its free image hosting. With an Alexa rank of 135, and the launch of yfrog, which is a Twitter version of the site, Image Shack is clearly a very successful website, which is taking steps to ensure that it's here to stay.

Name:Dustin Moskovit
Web Site:Facebook

About Us:Dustin is just 8 days younger than Mark Zuckerberg, making him the youngest billionaire in the world. Dustin founded the site with Mark back at Harvard and holds on to a 6% stake of the company, which has made him incredibly rich, in fact, in the past year alone, Forbes has estimated his worth to have more than doubled. He left Facebook in 2008 to work on his own ventures, such as a mobile photo-sharing site.

Name:Mark Zuckerberg
Web Site:Facebook

About Us:Mark is the most public face of Facebook, which currently hosts over 750 million active users, with 500 million of those accessing the site daily. His personal wealth has skyrocketed in the past few years as Facebook has torn through the competition such as Myspace, and taken its place as the number 1 social network in the world. With the release of 'The Social Network' in recent years, it's hard to not know who Mark is.

Name:Chris Hughes
Web Site:Facebook

About Us:Chris Hughes is the forth roommate to Mark, Eduardo and Dustin, when they were back in college, and that was how he got involved with Facebook. As well as a co-founder of Facebook, Chris was also in charge of the social media side of Barack Obama's presidency campaign.

Name:Gurbaksh Singh Chahal
Web Site:gwallet.com

About Us:Chahal is a pretty incredible man; by the time he was 25 he had founded and sold two advertising companies for a total of $340 million. He's doing remarkably well for someone so young, and has already founded his third advertising agency, which was valued in March 2011 at $200 million.

Name:Matt Mullenweg
Web Site:Wordpress

About Us:Matt founded WordPress, which is the most popular blogging platform on the internet, and used by over 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites and as of August 2011 powers 22% of all new websites. The company has changed the way that we use the website, with this site, and both of my own, being made on WordPress.

Name:Daniel Ek
Web Site:Spotify

About Us:
Daniel co-founded the popular music streaming program 'Spotify'. The income for the programs come from ads that are played on the free version and monthly subscriptions from the paid version. It's changing the way we listen to, and find new music, and has gone from strength to strength, with Sean Parker recently making an investment and taking it to the US.

Name:Drew Houston
Web Site:DropBox

About Us:Drew is just 28 years old and the founder of Dropbox, an online storage and backup system, back in 2008. By december of 2010, Dropbox holds 10.41% of the worldwide Backup Client market, based on the number of installations that the client has recieved. Drew has held off from selling to massive companies, such Apple, in the hopes that service will continue to grow at the rate it currently is. I know I have no plans to stop using it, it's great.

Name:Naveen Selvadurai
Web Site:Foursquare

About Us:Naveen is the founder of Foursquare, which is a location based app where users 'check in' and gain points. The joint venture is estimated to be worth something in the region of $600 million. There is obvious competition from Facebook, but Foursquare seems to have stood the test of time so far. Naveen originally had a similar product that relied on SMS messaging, rather than a mobile app, to check in, but it was bought by Google and shut down, spurring the launch of Foursquare.

Name:Jake Nickell
Web Site:Threadless

About Us:Jake is the founder of Threadless, which he started with $1,000 in seed money after entering an Internet t-shirt design contest. That was back in 2000, and since then, he's created an online network where users vote on designs to get printed, where the best ones go into production, and the designer gets a fee. They've expanded internationally with their famous low rate shipping.

Name:Eduardo Saverin
Web Site:Facebook

About Us:Eduardo Saverin is yet another person who got rich through Facebook, with a 5% stake in the company that he got when he went to Harvard with Mark Zuckerberg. If you've seen The Social Network, you'll know that their relationship went sour, but it still didn't hold Eduardo back from becoming a very rich man.

Name:Garrett Camp
Web Site:StumbleUpon

About Us:Garrett Camp created StumbleUpon, a site that had probably provided most websites some traffic in the past, I know that mine certainly does well from it. You input your interest and SU takes you on a trip around the internet to relevant links. The site has an Alexa rank of 115, which just goes to show how popular it is.

Name:Andrew Mason
Web Site:Groupon

About Us:Andrew actually has a degree in music, but chose to go into web design, where he would meet his first investor, which eventually led to Groupon. Founded in November 2008, the site has experienced rapid growth, and huge revenues from taking 50% of every sale made through the site. There have been plenty of imitators since, but Groupon still remains on top, even turning down a $6 billion dollar acquisition bid from Google at the end of 2010.

Name:John Vechey
Web Site:PopCap Games

About Us:John founded PopCap Games which is a games website, with free to play, but limited games, and larger 'pay to play' games. They're most popular game is bejewelled, a game that I've dabbled in myself in the past, due to its addictive nature. The company has also branched out into mobile phone gaming too. In July 2011, EA games announced that it would be buying PopCap for $650 million with an addition $100 million stock option.

Name:Angelo Sotira
Web Site:DeviantArt

About Us:DeviantArt was launched by Angelo in 2000, and currently has an Alexa Rank of 129, which is extremely high for a niched website. The site is known around the world, by more than 15 million members, covering a wide range of artistic niches. It's considered to be the Facebook of the art/digital art world.

Name:Sean Parker
Web Site:Facebook

About Us:Sean is well known across the internet for his various online ventures, such as his part in Napster and Facebook, the latter of which made him the majority of the money he has today. He has since invested $15 million in Spotify which rivals Napster, and he says is the answer to piracy.

Name:Andrew Michael
Web Site:Fasthosts

About Us:
Fasthosts started out as a school project for Andrew when he was 17, and it grew into multi-million dollar business. for £61.5 million, netting Michael £46 million for his 75% stake. Michael remained as CEO until 2009, when he left to found Live drive. 

Name:Andrew Gower (Paul)
Web Site:Runescape
About Us:Andrew was responsible for creating RuneScape with his brother Paul. It's an MMORPG, which stands for massively multiplayer online role playing game, and it's played by approximately 10 million active accounts per month, over 156 million registered accounts. It's even recognised by Guiness World Records as the world's most popular free MMORPG.

Name: Jawed Karim
Web Site:YouTube
About Us:  Jawed worked at PayPal with Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, before the idea of YouTube came along, where he then went on to co-found the company and developed the YouTube concept and website. When YouTube was acquired by Google, Karim received 137,443 shares of stock, worth about $64 million based on Google's closing stock price at the time.

Name:Neal Shenoy

Web Site:212MEDIA

About Us:Neal helped to launch [212]MEDIA and manage its portfolio companies across children's publishing, online gaming and social networking. He has developed business development and marketing relationships with major media companies including Amazon, MTV, Rogers. Digital and Time Inc.

Name:Steve Chen


Web Site:YouTube
About Us:Steve Chine was one of the founders to a website that surely changed the way we use the internet - YouTube. The website became such an internet phenomenon (that's managed to last), It is estimated that in 2007 YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet in 2000.

10 Tips for the Beginning Internet Entrepreneur

For the beginning Internet business entrepreneur, here are 10 unwritten rules that may well prevent you from 'skidding into the ditch'. Make a point of reading through them regularly to remain focused on the road ahead!

   1. First and foremost, lets look at the advantages of creating and building an online income. Our place of work is open for business 24/7 so we can work when we want and for as long as we want. Many of our regular duties can be run on auto-pilot leaving us with more time for family, social and leisure activities. This situation offers a less stressful working environment, and to a certain extent we are in control of your own rewards. However, it is important to remember that there are rarely any true 'Get-Rich-Quick' schemes on the Internet. Look upon it in much the same way as you would if you were creating an offline business, which, in order to be sucessful, requires commitment and a positive attitude right from the offset, with scant reward in the early days.

   2. While it is important to have your mindset focused on a full-time successful online business, it is useful, especially early in your Internet career, as part of the learning curve, to try out a few programs in your spare time. Get the feel of the Internet marketing arena and at the same time learn a little about HTML, scripts, creating attractive images and even building your first website! This can all be achieved as a 'spare time' sctivity. Don't sack your boss till you have the confidence in your complete ability to earn regular income. There may be a lot to learn but, trust me, if you're focused, it will be worth the effort.

   3. NEVER...get involved in 'get paid to read email' sites--they are scams and you won't earn a penny. They won't even answer your emails of complaint! MLM too, or in fact any website telling you that your money will be doubled or tripled in a matter of days, or you will become rich over night, are scams. Avoid them!! It's not difficult to find bona fide traders on the Internet. Look for offline contact points. An address or telephone number is a good sign they are genuine. Another good test is to send them an email before you sign up to see how efficiently they reply. Avoid the 'Get-Rich-Quick' schemes--they don't work!

   4. Imagine you discovered a method of earning huge amounts of money on the Internet. Would you then offer to tell everyone about your 'secret formula'? I don't think so! You will no doubt come across those who will try to convince you they have found such a recipe, and no doubt offer to share it with you. Believe me it will cost you, not just financially but in wasted time too. Always shy away when you see the word 'Secrets', or see boasts of huge income!

   5. Similarly, ask yourself this...would a guy who says he's earning several million dollars a year bother to write and market an eBook describing how he did it? I think not! Go with your first instincts, as they are usually quite accurate!

   6. Don't pay too much attention to images of earnings checks or bank statements purportedly demonstrating how much the account holder has earned. It is a simple task to create whatever documents you want with a little creativity. The same goes for letters of recommendation or testimonials. Anyone can write them or get their collegues to do so! They may con some, but don't let it be you!

   7. Think positive and stay focused at all times. If you were to take a close look at all the successful Internet marketers who have made a great deal of money from their endeavours, you would find they have one thing in common! Dedication!! They are prepared to work long and hard to achieve their goals. They do not lose heart if everything doesn't come together today, and they are rarely influenced by the 'quick buck'. I cannot stress this point often enough to you.

   8. Be organised! Keep all your business activities logged and documents filed in the correct folders. Check your email accounts at least daily and file the important ones. Don't be frightened to name a file or folder with a long name (within reason). You should be able to access any file, folder, software or email within 30 seconds. So much time can be saved with a tidy desktop!

   9. Stick to the basic etiquette of Internet Marketing. Don't be tempted to send out high volume unsolicited email (spam). It won't be worth the hassle, believe me! Read the Terms and Conditions section when you join a program and if you decide to sign up, then adhere to those terms. You will make useful contacts during your Internet campaigns. Try not to 'step on toes'

  10. Avoid leaving large amounts of funding in any online marketing or promotion website! Most websites have a strict policy on spamming and if you are ever accused (rightly or wrongly) of sending unsolicited emails, you are likely to have your account closed, which could result in you losing your current funding too!

So that's it! Not a set of rules...more a collection of simple guidelines which, if applied, will serve to make your Internet Marketing experience a safer and more enjoyable journey!

Sunil Bharti Mittal Chairman and Group CEO, Bharti Enterprises

"Right Here, Right Now" Sunil

Sunil Mittal, was born on 23rd October 1957 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.  His father, Sat Pal Mittal had been the Member of Parliament (M.P) from Ludhiana. M.P. But Sunil did not follow his father's footsteps. His father died of cardiac arrest in 1992.

Education & Carrier of Sunil Mittal:
Sunil Bharti Mittal graduated from Punjab University and is a former student of Harvard Business School. He received the degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) from the G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, and is also an Honorary Fellow of The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) of India.

Showing interest in business from his teenage days, soon after graduation, he along with his friend started a small bicycle business in the1970s with borrowed capital. In 1979 he moved to Ludhiana and later to Mumbai. In 1981 he was already managing an import and distribution operation out of Mumbai and New Delhi selling Japanese portable generators. He introduced phones in India with push buttons that he became interested in while on a trip to Taiwan, replacing the rotary phones.

Bharti Telecom Limited (BTL) tied up with Siemens AG of Germany to manufacture electronic push button phones. BTL began manufacturing fax machines in early 1990s as well as cordless phones and other telecom gear. With the market being opened up for mobile phones, Mittal teamed up with Vivendi, the French telecom group. Bharti Cellular Limited (BCL) was established in 1995 and began offering cellular services under the brand name AirTel crossing the 2 million mark.

India One, another brand of Mittal, brought down the STD/ISD rates. BTL together with Singapore Telecom International launched a $650-million submarine cable project in 2001, India’s first undersea cable link that connects Singapore with Chennai in India.

He also established Bharti Foundation which finances more than 50 schools in Madhya Pradesh. He also donated Rs 200 million to IIT Delhi for establishing a Bharti School of Technology and Management.

Rakesh Bharti Mittal (left), and Rajan Bharti Mittal (second from right) Vice-Chairmen and Managing Director, Sunil Bharti Mittal (second from left), Chairman and CEO, and Akhil Gupta, Deputy CEO and Managing Director of Bharti Enterprises

Personal life:

Sunil,Nyna Mittal and daughter Eiesha

Residence: New Delhi, India
Country of Citizenship: India
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Punjab University
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3

The son of a parliamentarian, married, and has three children, a daughter and twin sons. Rakesh and Rajan, his brothers, are involved with him in the business. He is the founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Group, a major telecom group and mobile phone operator in India. Mittal resides in Delhi. Basically a Hindu in religion. He is married to nyna and has three children. He has a brother called Rajan. Rajan has several kids including Zubin Bharti Mittal, who was recently elected student council president in the British School New Delhi after narrowly beating Sourabh Lal. He is superstitious about the number 23, as he was born on the 23rd and also got married on the 23rd day of the month. He also stops eating meat before any big adventure.

Stages of development:

After graduating from Punjab University in 1970s, he set up a small bicycle business in Ludhiana in partnership with his friend. By 1979, Sunil Mittal realized that his ambitions could not be fulfilled in Ludhiana, so he moved out to Mumbai from Ludhiana.  He spent a few years in Mumbai and in 1982; Sunil Mittal started a full-fledged business selling portable generators imported from Japan. This gave him a chance to acquaint himself with the nitty-gritty's of marketing and advertising. His business was running smoothly but later on the government banned the import of generators as two Indian companies were awarded licenses to manufacture generators locally.

In 1986, Sunil Bharti Mittal incorporated Bharti Telecom Limited (BTL) and entered into a technical tie up with Siemens AG of Germany for manufacture of electronic push button phones. Gradually he expanded his business and by early 1990s, Sunil Mittal was making fax machines, cordless phones and other telecom gear.

In 1992, when the Indian government was awarding licenses for mobile phone services for the first time, Sunil Mittal clinched Delhi cellular license in collaboration with French telecom group Vivendi. In 1995, Sunil Mittal founded Bharti Cellular Limited (BCL) to offer cellular services under the brand name AirTel. Soon, Bharti became the first telecom company to cross the 2-million mobile subscriber mark. Bharti Cellular Limited also rolled out India's first private national as well as international long-distance service under the brand name India One. In 2001, BCL entered into a joint venture with Singapore Telecom International for a $650-million submarine cable project, India's first ever undersea cable link connecting Chennai in India and Singapore.

Today, Sunil Mittal runs a successful empire with a market capitalization of approximately $ 2 billion and employing over 5,000 people. He has been honored with several awards. Sunil Bharti Mittal was chosen as one of the top entrepreneurs in the world for the year 2000 and amongst 'Stars Of Asia', by 'Business Week'. He also received IT Man of the Year Award 2002 from Dataquest and CEO Of the Year, 2002 Award (World HRD Congress).


He was awarded with many prestigious awards like GSMA Chairman's Award (2008); Padma Bhushan (2007); Asia Businessman of the Year, Fortune Magazine (2006); Telecom Person of the Year, Voice & Data (2006); CEO of the year (2005); Best Asian Telecom CEO, Telecom Asia Awards (2005); Best CEO, India, Institutional Investor (2005); Business Leader Of The Year, Economic Times (2005); and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year (2004).

IT Man of the Year Award from Dataquest (2002); CEO Of the Year 2002 Award from World HRD Congress; Awarded one of the top entrepreneurs in the world for the year 2000; and one amongst the 'Stars Of Asia', by 'Business Week’.

Sunil Bharti Mittal is a Member of National Council of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII); Member, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI); Chairman, Indo-US Joint Business Council; and Member, Advisory Committee constituted by Ministry of IT.


Finally he is settled as a Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Group, India's largest GSM-based mobile phone service provider; IT Man of the Year Award 2002 from Dataquest and CEO Of the Year, 2002 Award from World HRD Congress.

Anju Bobby George

  • National record holder in long jump; won bronze medal at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games
  • Won gold medal in the 2002 Busan Asiad Games
  • Became the first Indian athlete ever to win a medal in a World Championships when won bronze at Paris World Championship
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2003-04
Anju Bobby George is an Indian Athlete, and is credited to be the First Indian Athlete ever to have grabbed a Medal at the World Athletics Championship. Also, she has won a Silver Medal at the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Athletics Final event.

Early Life & Introduction to Athletics
She was born on the 19th of April 1977 at Changanassery, Kerala to K.T. Markose and Gracy Markose. Her father encouraged her to enter sports, while Mr P.V. Welsey at St. Anne’s School and Mr. K.P. Thomas, a Coach at CKM Koruthode School taught her the basics of Athletics. She won the 100m hurdles and relay race, and finished 2nd in the Long Jump and High Jump events at the School Athletics meet in the year 1991-92. Further, she showed her prowess at National School Games where she finished 3rd in 100m hurdles and 4x100m relay race.

Beginning of Athletics Career
Initially Anju began her Athletics career with Heptathlon, a combined Athletics competition comprised of 7 different events. Later on, she decided to focus upon jump events only, and won the medal in Long Jump event at Delhi Junior Asian Championship 1996. She created a new National Record in Triple Jump at the Bangalore Federation Cup and grabbed the Silver Medal at South Asian Federation Games in Nepal in the year 1999. At the National Circuit Meet held at Thiruvananthapuram in 2001, Anju improved her own record in Long Jump with a jump measuring 6.74m. She also grabbed the Gold Medals in Triple Jump and Long Jump events at Ludhiana National Games in the same year.

International Athletics
Anju grabbed the Bronze Medal in the Long Jump event at the Manchester Commonwealth Games 2002. She covered a distance of 6.49m at the event. Further, at the Busan Asian Games 2002 she won Gold Medal in the Long Jump event clearing 6.53m, and became the First Indian Woman Athlete ever to win a Gold Medal at the Asian Games. She created history when she cleared a distance of 6.70m at the Long Jump event of Paris World Athletics Championship 2003 to win a Bronze Medal. This was the first ever medal grabbed by an Indian woman at the World Athletics Championship.

At the Athens Olympic Games 2004, Anju delivered her personal best performance by clearing 6.83m in the Long Jump event, although the very high standard of the competition let her finish at the 6th place only. Further, she won a Gold Medal in the Women’s Long Jump event at 16th Asian Athletics Championship 2005, held at Incheon, South Korea. She cleared 6.65m in the event. What Anju considers to be her best achievement though, is her Silver Medal win at the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Athletics Final 2005, where she covered 6.75m. At the Doha Asian Games 2006 she won a Silver Medal in Women’s Long Jump and a Silver Medal again at the 17th Asian Athletics Championship held at Amman (Jordan) with a jump of 6.65m. This victory led Anju to qualify for the Osaka World Championship 2007, where she couldn’t fare well enough and finished at 9th place.

In the year 2008, Anju grabbed a Silver Medal at the 3rd Asian Indoor Championship held at Doha (Qatar), clearing 6.38m. Further, she improved her performance at 3rd South Asian Athletics Championship held at Kochi (Kerala), and delivered a jump of 6.50m to win a Gold Medal at the championship.

Awards & Honors
For her unparalleled excellence in the sport and her continuous contribution to the nation through the numerous laurels she’s brought home, Anju Bobby George was honored with Arjuna Award in the year 2002-2003 by the Government of India. Further, she was bestowed upon the most prestigious Indian award in the field of sports, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in the year 2003-2004. She was also conferred upon the Padma Shri award in the year 2004.

P.T. Usha

  • Won silver medals in the 100 m and the 200 m events in the 1982 New Delhi Asiad
  • Won gold in the 400 m with a new Asian record in the Asian Track and Field Championship in Kuwait
  • Became the first Indian women to enter the final of an Olympics event in 1984 Los Angeles Olympics
  • Won five gold medals at the Asian Meet in Jakarta in 1985
Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha, generally know as P.T. Usha is an Indian Athlete, and arguably the most famous and successful Female Athlete from India to have ever existed. Her extra-ordinary performance at the track has earned Usha the titles such as Queen of Indian Track and Payyoli Express.

Early Life
She was born on the 27th of June 1964 at Payyoli, a village located in District Payyoli of Kerala to E.P.M. Paithal and T.V. Lakshmi. Usha was affected by ill health in her early childhood days, but displayed the signs of a great Athlete right in her primary school days.

Beginning of Athletic Career
The Kerala State Government began a Sports Division for Women at Kannur in the year 1976, and 12 year old P.T. Usha was one among the 40 girls who began their training under O.M. Nambiar, the Coach at the division. She first came into limelight in the year 1979 when at National School Games, she won the individual championship.

International Athletics
Usha made her debut into the International Athletics when she participated in the Pakistan Open National Meet 1980 held at Karachi. She grabbed 4 Gold Medals at the Athletics Meet. In the year 1982, she took part in the World Junior Invitation Meet (which is now called World Junior Athletic Championship) held at Seoul. Usha managed to clinch Gold Medal in the 200m and Bronze Medal in the 100m race at the event. Afterwards, she started working intensely upon her performance and by the Los Angeles Olympics 1984 she had improved considerably. At the Los Angeles Olympics, Usha won the 400m Hurdles heats but unfortunately lost the Bronze Medal in 400m Hurdles Final Round by a very minute margin of 1/100 second in a Photo Finish. Anyhow, her achievement was still historical in Indian context as she became the first Indian Woman Athlete ever to have entered the Final Round at Olympic Games. She clocked the race in 55.42 seconds which still stands as a National Record for the event in India.

Further, in the year 1985 she participated at the Asian Track and Field Championship held at Jakarta, Indonesia and grabbed 5 Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal at the championship. At Seoul Asian Games 1986, Usha clinched four Gold Medals in the 200m, 400m, 400m Hurdles and 4x400m Relay races. Unfortunately, she got her heel injured before the Seoul Olympic Games 1988 and still ran for the nation in the same condition, although couldn’t fare well at the event.

Usha bounced back in the year 1989 at Asian Track Federation Meet held at Delhi, and clinched four Gold Medals and two Silver Medals at the meet. At this time, Usha wanted to declare her retirement but as a last innings she participated at Beijing Asian Games 1990 and despite not being fully prepared for the event, she grabbed three Silver Medals at the event.

The Amazing Comeback
Usha retired from Athletics and married V.Srinivasan in the year 1991, but to the surprise of everybody she made a sudden comeback in the year 1998 and won Bronze Medals in 200m and 400m races at the Asian Track Federation Meet held at Fukkowakka in Japan. At the age of 34 years, P.T. Usha improved her own timing in 200m race and set a new National Record, which was enough to prove the level of Athletic talent still lying inside her.

Awards & Honors
To commemorate her excellent services to the nation through her consistent and determined efforts towards the sport of Athletics, P.T. Usha was honored with the Arjuna Award in the year 1983 and Padma Shri award in the year 1985. Apart from it, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) named her the Sportsperson of the Century and the Sports Woman of the Millennium. Also, she was named the Greatest Woman Athlete at Jakarta Asian Athletic Meet 1985 and given the World Trophy for Best Athlete in the years 1985 and 1986.

Brijmohan Lall Munjal

Achievement: Chairman of the Hero Group; Honored with Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2001

Amongst the business related entries in the book of world records (including the Guinness Book), is the name of Hero Honda. This is an Indian company that manufactures the largest number of two-wheelers in the world.

    The Hero Honda motorcycle is a common sight in many countries in the world. This honour to our country has been created by the great visionary and promoter of the Hero Honda Company Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal.

He started this company from almost nothing and built it into a massive automobile giant through sheer perseverance and self-belief. Brijmohan was born in 1923, in Kamalia, which is today a Part of Pakistan. From a young age, Brijmohan was keen to study. He had a yearning to further his knowledge.

    Unlike his father and grandfather who did not have the means to study, he wanted to gain knowledge and use it to make a mark in his life. When he was just six years old, he went to a well-known Gurukul school, one that teaches various subjects with a foundation of Indian values, to gain admission.

    The Principal was impressed with young Brijmohan's resolve, and agreed to admit him into his school. This was a significant achievement for Brijmohan. He made the best of it. He was enthralled with subjects revolving around finance and economics. This proved to be a sound foundation for Brijmohan's tremendous career and entrepreneurship.

    After his education, Brijmohan's family moved to India. They were forced to do so because of the partition that was created between India and Pakistan in 1947.

They moved to Ludhiana (in Punjab), where Brijmohan and his brothers wanted to start their own business. They set up a small unit manufacturing bicycle components. The business grew as the brothers put in tremendous hard work. Eventually they set up a factory to manufacture bicycles calling it the Hero Cycles.

    The idea and motivation to manufacture bicycles came from Brijmohan. He was keen to create a mode of transport that was affordable by all classes of people.

    Apart from the business motive, he also wanted the multitude of Indians affected by partition to be able to purchase a vehicle that was durable and at the same time affordable. This ideology has been a guiding force to the Hero Honda group to this day, one which has taken it to insurmountable heights.

    Slowly but steadily, the company grew, eventually they moved into the manufacture of motorized vehicles, which were beginning to become popular in the Indian roads.

    Brijmohan wanted to ensure that there was no compromise on quality, and the Indian consumer would get complete value for money. Therefore he entered into a joint venture with the Japanese two-wheeler giant, the Honda Motor Company. Thus, the company called Hero Honda Motors Ltd was born.

    This Joint Venture was a runaway success from the beginning for two reasons. Firstly, the products launched were state of the art, with value for money for the buyer.

    Secondly, Brijmohan ensured that the partnership reached no roadblocks, and went on smoothly for a long time.

    Brijmohan was a true visionary. The Hero Honda CD 100 model was one of the first Indian bikes to have a four-stroke engine (which has low emission and high fuel efficiency).

    Most other motorcycle manufacturers went in for the two stroke engine. They eventually had to abandon these when the government passed stringent laws on banning two-stroke engines, as they were highly pollutant.

    Brijmohan's vision paid off and his company grew at a rapid Pace. Today, Hero Honda is a highly profitable company with revenues in excess of US$2 Billion. Hero Honda’s products are exported to more than a dozen countries.

    As the company's fortunes grew, so did Brijmohan's accolades. He was awarded “Business Leader of the Year” by Business Baron in 1998, "Entrepreneur of Year" by Business Standard in 2002, "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Ernst & Young in 2001.

    His greatest tribute carne when Brijmohan was honoured with the prestigious Padma Bhushan. It was a true testimony of his vision and leadership. He was also conferred a Doctorate (D Litt-Honoris Causa) by the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. It is one of the most prestigious Universities of India.

    Brijmohan is also the country's highest paid executive, his earnings being in excess of Rs.11 Crores in 2003-2004.

    In spite of all this, Brijmohan regards human values more than anything else. He attends family functions of his employees, maintains a good relationship with his joint venture partners, and continues to create shareholder value for his company.

    He attributes his success to the hard work and determination of his family members and employees and the blessings of God.

Naveen Jindal Chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Steel & Power Limited (JSPL)

Member of Parliament ** Sportsman ** Industrialist

Mr. Naveen Jindal
is a Member of Parliament, a successful entrepreneur, a sports enthusiast, the Chancellor of the O.P. Jindal Global University and a family man. He is the youngest son of the steel visionary and former Minister of Power in the government of Haryana, India, Shri. O.P. Jindal. At a very young age, he transformed Jindal Steel & Power Limited (JSPL), a moderately performing company in the steel sector, into a star performer. JSPL is a part of the about US$ 15 billion diversified O.P. Jindal Group, which is the fourth largest business entity in India. After consolidating its position as a leading player in the steel, power, mining and infrastructure sectors domestically, JSPL has now diversified into the oil & gas sector and internationally with operations in Africa,Bolivia, Oman, Australia, Mongolia, Indonesia and Georgia.

Born on March 9, 1970, Shri Naveen Jindal has done his schooling from Delhi Public School, New Delhi. He graduated in Commerce from Hans Raj College, University of Delhi in 1990 and has done his MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA in 1992.

Mr. Jindal started active participation in politics during his college days. He was the President of the Student Government and recipient of the ‘Student Leader of the Year Award’ - the highest student award at the University of Texas at Dallas.

In recognition of Mr. Jindal’s exceptional distinction in the fields of entrepreneurship an public service, unqualified reputation for honesty, personal integrity and high standards of personal and professional character, the University of Texas at Dallas has named its school of management in his name. It has now been christened as Naveen Jindal School of Management. The recognition has also lead to the establishment of the Naveen Jindal Institute for Indo-American Business Studies.

After returning to India, Mr. Naveen Jindal started managing his father’s political activities and eventually followed his footsteps to join national politics. Mr. Naveen Jindal got elected to the Indian Parliament with a big margin in 2004 from the Kurukshetra Parliamentary Constituency in the state of Haryana, India on the ticket of the largest and the oldest political party, the Indian National Congress (INC). He repeated his performance in the subsequent election in 2009 and returned to Parliament with an impressive victory.

Weeding out corruption, stabilizing population, women empowerment, promoting a clean environment and providing health and educational facilities in the country top his agenda.He wants to incorporate the best practices of business management in politics. He strongly feels it’s all about managing resources and people.

After a decade long legal battle and a relentless campaign initiated by Mr. Naveen Jindal on behalf of the people of India -- to give them the right to hoist the National Flag publically on all days with honor and dignity -- the Hon’ble Supreme Court gave the landmark judgment on 23rd January 2004 allowing citizens to fly the Tiranga with respect, dignity and honour thus making it a fundamental right of every citizen. The decision prompted the Cabinet to amend the National Flag Code.

In the year 2009, he also campaigned for and got a favorable ruling from the Ministry of Home Affairs on 22nd December, for letting the monumental flags be flown at night with appropriate illumination.

Mr. Naveen Jindal has set up and hoisted the country’s highest flag in Kaithal and Ladwa (Kurukshetra), Palwal, Hissar, Kurukshetra, Gurgaon and Sonepat in Haryana, Raigarh in Chhattisgarh and Angul in Orissa among others. The flag hoisted are at a height of more than 100 and 206 feet. More than 20 districts in the country have these monumental flags till date.

Mr. Jindal’s proposal to the Rules Committee of Lok Sabha to allow the Members of the Lok Sabha to wear the National Flag Lapel while seated in the Parliament was accepted on 18th February, 2010 by the committee.

Mr. Jindal took yet another initiative to ensure that the ban on smoking is implemented in the most hallowed institution of the country – The Central Hall of the Parliament. He was instrumental in getting acceptance of the Indian currency at Duty Free Shops at International Airports. He also got the spending limit at Duty Free shops enhanced from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7500.

He draws a lot of inspiration and courage from his revered father, Late Sh. O P Jindal and
Smt. Sonia Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress.


Mr. Naveen Jindal is a national record holder in skeet shooting. The Indian Shooting Team, under his captaincy, won a Silver medal in the South Asian Federation Games, April 2004, in Pakistan. He has also represented the country in the Asian games held in Busan, South Korea in 2002. Besides winning numerous medals in shooting at national and international levels, Mr. Jindal has also excelled in Polo and JSPL’s Polo team has won several laurels under his captaincy. He was also a part of the Haryana shooting team that won the Gold medal at the 54th National shooting Championship competition (Big
Bore) in the civilian category held at Gurgaon in May 2011.


Mr. Naveen Jindal is the Chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Steel & Power Limited (JSPL) which is one of the most efficiently managed steel companies in the world. The company is a part of the about US $ 15 Billion O.P. Jindal Group. The company has the world’s largest coal-based sponge iron capacity and has established a Rail & Universal Beam Mill, which is manufacturing the world’s longest 121 meter rails and parallel flange beams & columns in large sizes for the first time in India.

Mr. Jindal is the Chairman of Jindal Power Limited, which is running the 1,000 MW O. P. Jindal Thermal Power Plant at Raigarh, Chhattisgarh.

Mr. Jindal has been ranked as India’s Best CEO by the BT-INSEAD-HBR Study of the top value creators for the period 1995 to 2011 by the Business Today.

Mr. Jindal has also been ranked among the top ten of India Inc’s Most Powerful CEO’S 2011 list by a survey conducted by IMRB for Economic Times-Corporate Dossier. Mr. Jindal recently won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the field of Energy and Infrastructure.

JSPL has been ranked the Second Highest Value Creator in the World by the prestigious Boston Consulting Group and first in the Mining and Materials industry category. Jindal Steel & Power Limited was awarded the Forbes Asia’s ‘Fabulous 50’ international award in 2009 & 2010.

Jindal Steel & Power Limited was awarded the CNBC’s Most Promising Entrant into the
Big League at IBLA (Indian business Leaders Award) 2009.

Under the able leadership of Mr. Naveen Jindal, JSPL was rated as the highest wealth creator in the country for the period 2005-09 and was also rated among India’s 50 best Blue Chip companies by Dalal Street journal.

Mr. Naveen Jindal was listed among 25 Indians who were part of the annual list of 250 Global Young Leaders in 2007 prepared by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum (WEF).

Mr. Jindal has been awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award for 2010 by the University of Texas at Dallas for his contribution to public service, being a responsible corporate citizen and guiding his company to become a global player.

Mr. Naveen Jindal is currently:

  • Member, Standing Committee on Home Affairs
  • Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Defence
  • Special Invitee, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
  • Special Invitee, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • Convener, Parliamentary Forum on Children
  • Member, Kurukshetra Development Board

He and his wife Shallu along with their children, Venkatesh and Yashasvini, reside in
Delhi where they are also active in the local community and in supporting education and
the performing arts.

150 Rupees Coin

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1000 Rupees Coin

Famous Indians Died in Air-Crash

 YSR Reddy - chief minister, Andhra Pradesh (2009) - helicopter crash near Kurnool

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy is a latest victim of air-crash. His Bell 430 chopper went missing over the jungles of Kurnool, and on next day the news broke that he was killed in this accident. Along with YSR, four others -- Dr P Subramanium, the special secretary to the Chief Minister; ASC Wesley, Chief Security Officer and two pilots Group Captain SK Bhatia and Captain MS Reddy -- died in the crash.

O. P. Jindal - Industrialist & Surendra Singh Haryana Agriculture Minister
(2005) - helicopter crash in Uttar Pradesh

Haryana Agriculture Minister and Bansi Lal's son Surender Singh and noted industrialist and Haryana Power Minister O P Jindal were killed on March 31, 2005 in a chopper crash in Uttar Pradesh's Saharanpur district. Pilot T S Chauhan died on the way to hospital. Two persons -- Ved Goyal, a relative of Jindal, and head constable Vinod Kumar -- who were also on board the chopper owned by the Rs 10,000-crore Jindal conglomerate, were injured in the crash.

Soundarya, actress (2004) - airplane crash near Bangalore

Popular South Indian actress and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Soundarya was among four persons killed in a plane crash at Jakkur near Bangalore on April 17, 2004. Soundarya was on her way to Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh to campaign for her party when the four-seater aircraft crashed. The actress' brother Amaranath, who was travelling with her, also died in the crash. The aircraft, owned by Agni Aviation, crashed near the agricultural university campus on the fringes of the Jakkur airfield, charring the bodies of the victims, including the pilot, beyond recognition. Soundarya acted in several Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam films. She had won the national award in 2003 for the Kannada film, Dweepa.


 Madhav Rao Scindia, (2001) - airplane crash in Uttar Pradesh

He was a very senior Congress leader and a former cabinet minister, who was killed in a plane crash on September 30, 2001. He was travelling to Kanpur to address a public rally. Six people also lost their lives when the private plane carrying him went down near Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh. The chartered plane, a 10-seater Cessna C-90 bearing the identifier VTE--F and owned by the Jindal Group, took off from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. The plane crashed around 85 km from Agra.

G.M.C. Balayogi - parliament speaker
, (2002) - airplane crash in Andhra Pradesh

Telugu Desam Party leader and then Lok Sabha Speaker GMC Balayogi died in a chopper crash March 3, 2002 in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The private helicopter in which Balayogi was travelling from Bhimavaram in West Godavari district crashed in a fishpond near Kaikalur in Krishna district. The Deccan Aviation helicopter, carrying Balayogi, his gunman and an assistant developed a technical snag after it took off from Bhimavaram. It hit a coconut tree before hurtling into a fishpond near Kuvvadalanka village. His additional Private Secretary K S Raju and the pilot of the chopper also died in the accident.

Surendra Nath - Governor of Punjab (1994) - airplane crash in Himachal Pradesh

The governor of India's northern state of Punjab, Surendra Nath, and 12 others, were killed when a state government plane crashed in a mountainous region of neighboring Himachal Pradesh state, minutes after taking off f. The dead included nine members of his family. Surendra Nath was also the governor of Himachal Pradesh besides being the administrator of the union territory, Chandigarh.

Ashok Birla - industrialist,
(1990) - airplane crash near Bangalore

He was noteworthy because he was a member of the Birla family. Grandson of Rameshwar Das Birla, grand nephew of Ghanshyam Das Birla, and cousin of the more successful Aditya Birla. He was on his way to cut the ribbon for the inauguration of the Birla-3M factory when the fatal accident happened. The Airbus A-320 plane never made the smooth landing at Bangalore airport.

Sanjay Gandhi - politician,
(1980) - helicopter crash in Delhi

He was son of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who was killed in a plane crash on June 23, 1980. Sanjay was at the controls of the aircraft, which caught fire shortly after took-off from the New Delhi Flying Club and crashed into a block of municipal apartments in south Delhi. His instructor, Subhash Saxena, was also killed in the crash. Witnesses said the pilot of the US-built two-seater appeared to lose control and the aircraft 'wobbled and fell'. Police initially identified the aircraft as a glider but later said it was a two-seater built by Pitts Co of Wyoming, US.

Mohan Kumaramangalam - politician, (1972) - airplane crash near Delhi

Mohan Kumaramangalam, minister of steel in the Indira Gandhi government, was killed in a plane crash in New Delhi in 1973. Kumaramangalam drifted away from the Communist Party of India after the party split. His quest for a new political identity coincided with Indira Gandhi's rediscovery of socialism in the late-1960s. Kumaramangalam became one of the principal advisers to the prime minister in her populist phase and assumed charge as Union minister for steel in 1971.

Homi J. Bhabha - nuclear scientist,
(1966) - airplane crash on Mount Blanc, France

Noted nuclear scientist Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha was among the 117 passengers killed in plane crash on January 24, 1966. The Air India Mumbai-Paris flight AI 101, in which he was travelling, crashed on Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps on the border of France and Italy. Dr Bhabha was on his way to attend an International Atomic Energy Agency meeting in Vienna. Bhabha was largely believed to be responsible for the introduction of the space program through the setting up of the Indian national committee for space research under the chairmanship of Vikram Sarabhai.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose - freedom fighter, (1945) - airplane crash over Taiwan

Subhash Chandra Bose, a prominent leader of the Indian independence movement against the British Raj in India, founder of Aazad Hind Sena. He and a general of the Imperial Japanese army Tsunamasa Shidei were reported to be flying to Tokyo, Japan when the alleged plane crash occurred at Matsuyama aerodrome in Taihoku, northern Formosa. Mystery over his death was discussed for many many years.