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Movie: Billa 2

Starring: Ajith, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah, Vidyut Jamwal

Director: Chakri Toleti

Producer: Suresh Balaje, George Pius,Sunir Khetrapal

Banner: IN Entertainment

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

There is a dot on the wait, for the most waited music of Yuvan Shankar Raja composed Ajith starrer Billa 2 directed by Chakri Toleti. Actresses Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdulla are playing the female leads in this action thriller.

Sony Music has unveiled the music album of this Ajith‘s Billa 2, on his birthday [May 1] with no celebrations, on social networking sites and in stores directly. Here we go with the Billa 2 music review, with no more linger…

Song: Theme Music

Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Rating: 3/5

Yuvan, who has composed and crooned the theme song, has completely tried to portray the image of Ajith in Billa 2 among the viewers. The first teaser trailer has depicted this theme music well.

Final Verdict: Ajith- Chakri Toleti’s Billa 2 music album is like a monster, so fresh and refreshing. Yuvan Shankar Raja has given one more rocking youthful album Billa 2, which has hyped the pre-release expectations that are already on high. Go with it for a new feel.

Billa 2 Teaser

Billa Theme - Billa 2


Billa 2 Trailer Official [HD]

Billa 2 Official New Trailer

Billa2 - Rare Pic Shared by Billa2 Director Chakri Toleti

Chakri toleti speech

Song: Yedho Mayakkam...
Billa 2 full song

Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Tanvi Shah and Suvi Suresh

Lyricist: NA. Muthukumar

Rating: 3.5/5

Yedho Mayakkam track is a party number that goes with the lyrics ‘Dance, dance, dance with me’ to make dance floors go on fire with Ajith’s foot tapping. The song shows the best choices of singers made by Yuvan Shankar raja. Vocals of Tanvi Shah and Suvi Suresh are the highlights of the song. Yedho Mayakkam is expected to be top pick of the album, which also has native nadaswaram touches in the start.

Song: Madurai Ponnu...
Billa 2 Full Song

Singers: Andrea Jeremiah

Lyricist: NA. Muthukumar

Rating: 4/5

Madurai Ponnu is an item number with Arabic shades of genre crooned by a popular face Andrea Jermiah. The song has stolen the hearts of music lovers, after watching it in the songs teaser that was released recently. Brazilian model Gabriela Bertante might be seen shaking legs with Thala in this special number. Yuvan is very familiar to this type of genre that can be observed in his earlier compositions like Theepidika and also in the BG of Mankatha.

Song: Unakkulle Mirugam...
Billa 2 full song

Singers: Ranjith

Lyricist: NA. Muthukumar

Rating: 2.5/5

Yuvan has made best use of drums in this track and Ranjith has tried well to give his best to show the seriousness of the situation. Unakkulle Mirugam appears to be a situational song featuring Thala. The track showcases the evil that resides in every human being and all the philosophies of a common man, David Billa. The drum beats has added genuineness to the song.

Song: Idhayam...
Billa 2 Full song

Singers: Shweta Pandit

Lyricist: NA. Muthukumar

Rating: 3.5/5

Idhayam is a melody song that has mellifluous piano notes, which has catchy lyrics written by Na. Muthukumar and this leisurely paced track is peppy in the mesmerizing voice of Shwetha Pandit. The song might be pictured on one of the female leads in the film Billa 2 that has tasteful usage of instruments like Flute, Drums and Veena along with the chorus, which has lifted up the song to next level.

Song: Gangster...Billa 2 Full Song

Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja and Stefny

Lyricist: NA. Muthukumar

Rating: 4/5

Music lovers are familiar to this Gangster song through the teaser and are addicted to the lyrics that track starts with the lines ‘Gang gang gangster’. Yuvan Shankar Raja has renderd legendary theme that is high with its hip-hop form and best techno touches. The changeover in the vocals of Stefny was an apt choose.

Billa 2 Trailer 720p HD

New song in billa 2

Billa 2 Latest Stills


If a movie was readying to release a record on the previous achievements of the film will be released after the film. Billa 2 film in the series will present some of the previous record of Ajith’s films. This material taken from film actress, starring in films Billa 2. Kerala, Karnataka, Telugu dubbing rights, TV rights, music rights, as foreign ownership actress of the series, surpassing the previous record is Billa 2. Ajith to do Billa 2 the movie theater right now so be prepared to pay irukkirarkalam. Beer is also breaking the record of the previous films. Do not take too late in the film release of Billa 2. In the second week of June may not be published.

Ajith’s new Billa 2 ad has appeared in today’s newspapers. The ad is the first young look of David Billa, who went from Thuthukudi to become one of the most deadly don in the world. In the ad, it looks like Billa is coming as a Sri Lankan refugee in a boat to Tamilnadu.

Billa 2 – The Beginning, has come out with a tagline- “Every Man has a past. Every Don , a history.”

It clearly proves that the film is a prequel to the original Billa. The ad also said that the shoot of the film is complete.

Now it has stirred a big hope in the trade. Can Billa 2 get ready for release on April 27 or in May first week ?

The suspense has increased with producer Sunir Kheterpal tweeting- “ New campaign coming up this week. Some new announcements next week on important dates for Billa 2”.

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